Not only does Stardust test the limits and challenge the standard of beauty with our incredibly vibrant shade variety, but Medusa was specifically created to complement highlighting the points of the darkest skin tones. Have you ever heard the term "The blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice"? this applies with Medusa as well. The more melanin you have, the better this shade will appear. The ingredients are all natural, and this particular shade has a glittery chestnut base with a blinding blue iridescent shine. A large majority of the duo-chrome highlighters available to women of color are limited, or make them appear ashy in photos. Medusa possesses a chocolatey brown undertone which warms the cheeks of the deepest complexions. Combined with it's beautiful turquoise blue and green color shifting minerals this highlighter is breathtaking on darker skin. The epitome of a showstopper, Medusa looks incredible paired with a glossy deep berry colored lip and bold lashes. You only need to apply lightly, with all the Stardust colors a little dust goes a long way! 

Chelsie Worthy